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I have been taking yoga with Kareena for about three years and

and belly dance for about one year... time sure does fly when you're

having fun!

My previous experience with yoga was on again off again classes

at various places...simply because they bored me...the same

sequence of moves... with an instructor that just seemed to be

going through the motions like a performer rather than a teacher.

Kareena's classes are different... she teaches!

Kareena's yoga instruction has greatly improved my flexibility

and posture to the point where I appear at least 10 pounds lighter

without losing a pound!

I stand tall now, my belly lies much flatter, and it feels natural!

I credit Kareena with my much improved physical, mental, and

emotional wellbeing. I urge anyone interested in yoga to take a

class with Kareena... after just one you may find yourself a regular

at Sweet Magic Studio wondering where all that time flew

To me Kareena's Studio is one of my best finds in a very long time.

As soon as I walk in the door I feel transformed.

From the sexy pillowsand the romantic ambiance , it makes me feel

like i am truely a dancer somewhere out in the Middle East.

Not only do i love the seductive movements taught by belly dancing

but also the one hour work out i get after all is said and done.

Every Wednesday I enjoy an hour of being tranformed into

a sexy belly dancer, well that is my hope for someday in the future.

With Kareena's help, I'm sure I'm on my way !!!!!!!

Sweet Magic Studio provided me with fun, relaxation and restored

my health !!! I went to therapy for 6 weeks with minimal results

and then when I told Kareena about my problem a miracle happened!

During regular class we did some exercises that took care of my problem

and no more pain in the shoulder. So I am a firm believer now that

yoga is good for me!


I love working with Kareena! She's positive and fun, patient and precise.

I took 6 weeks of belly-dancing class and felt great about what I learned

and retained. As a burlesque and all-around stage performer, I was able

to integrate what Kareena taught to me in my performances.

And I'm looking forward to taking even more classes with her!

Kareena is inspiring to me!

I made a New Year's Resolution last year to finally try yoga.

I found Sweet Magic Studio in one of the free yoga magazines

and went in for my first ever yoga class. I have been going

ever since. Kareena is a phenomenal instructor and human being.

She makes every class worthwhile and enjoyable. I ALWAYS feel

better after a yoga session. Although I am not the most flexible person,

I see myself improving slowly but surely and Kareena's tips on posture

and alignment have truly made a difference in my overall appearance.

I love the belly dance classes. I started dieting and taking

belly dancing about five weeks ago and have lost more than 11 lbs

and am back down to a size 6 (no small feat at 51). I've always

wanted to study belly dance and now wish I'd started years ago

because I am working muscles I never even knew existed and

actually enjoying it. I am not at all athletic and have never been

able to stick with a gym, yoga classes or any other kind of regular

exercise program. Even though the belly dance classes don't feel

like exercise, I get a great workout -- and it's fun! Kareena is an

excellent teacher and adept at incorporating the positives from

other cultures into her classes and studio atmosphere---

breezy with dim lighting -- very relaxing.

I have been attending yoga classes at Sweet Magic Studio for one

year now. The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. Kareena is

fabulous working well with students at any level. I am new to yoga

and find she offers the perfect blend of challenges and encouragement.

Kareena's classes have truly added to my life experience.

First of all, they are instantly welcoming, along with small class size

and flexible scheduling throughout the week.

Kareena herself is an amazing soul willing to put energy into drawing out

our own skills from right where we are with them. She makes it not only fun

but highly informative, as she shares her wealth of knowledge in the roots of

yoga and belly dance. I started belly dancing a year ago with Kareena and

it has changed the way I feel in my body, the ease with which I move on the

earth, and of course the way I dance.

Since then I have been trying the other gems she offers; the tai chi and

yoga to help balance my daily life. Come and try a class for yourself and I

guarantee you will be buying a class card on your way

Kareena's classes are expertly taught. It is clear that she has devoted

much time and thought to what belly dance contributes to the health

and well-being of the body and mind. I have had other belly dance

teachers before who have disappointed me in this respect. They have

not had quite the same knowledge of and respect for the art form.

I learn something about the body every time I attend one of Kareena's

classes, and I have always felt myself in very capable hands.

For those who are not sure that belly dance is right for them,

I would say--it is for you if you learn from Kareena. It can teach

you so much about how you move in and inhabit your body without it

being necessary for you to strain or exhaust yourself in the process.

Kareena's approach, which combines belly dance with a few tools drawn

from yoga, make the whole experience as good for the mind as the body.

Kareena's classes are very comfortable for women (and men) of all shapes

and sizes. Some body types lend themselves more to belly dance, to be sure,

but there is nobody who doesn't have a body that can gain a lot from these

exercises, which train you to isolate and strengthen very particular muscles

of which you would otherwise be unaware. And Kareena is particularly good

at explaining why you should find these muscles, and what difference it makes

to engage them rather than let them atrophy.

I recently suffered a back injury. A physical therapist

prescribed at home exercise to strengthen my lower back.

Kareena is helping me to stick to the regime by adding yoga

stretches and other holistic techniques.

I had the pleasure of learning Belly Dance thanks to Sweet Magic Studio!

In one fantastic hour, Kareena enthusiastically taught 15

of my best girlfriends to belly dance as part of a bachelorette party.

She was attentive to our strengths

and quickly adjusted as we learned more difficult combinations.

I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Kareena!

I've been taking Kareena's unique yoga classes for over ten years

and her personalized instruction has mended a myriad of health

problems for me--most recently acid reflux. She knows exactly

what asanas heal and energize, and has a wholistic approach to

yoga, incorporating diet suggestions, music that is tantamount

to music therapy, and of course breath work, fundamental to yoga.

She helps students achieve psychic wellness: courage, through

the series of warrior postures, balance through "the stork" and

"the eagle", strength through "the plank" and flexibility through all

The classes are keyed to beginner, middle level and advanced

so everybody can find a yoga class perfect for them. In these

frenzied and demanding times, I find Kareena's classes

a life saving oasis. Give yourself or someone else the best gift

possible: indomitable Kareena's yoga classes

The Yoga at Sweet Magic Studio is authentic, and Kareena's personalized guidance

provides an experience that is physically and mentally exhilarating. Finding a

studio that works well with men was important to me and Kareena has helped me

reach goals I never thought possible. Classes at Sweet Magic are not like just

"going to the gym."

It's a whole healthy lifestyle that makes you happy in everything you do.

I had been thinking about taking a yoga class for a while but I was a little <

nervous about my abilities do it. One day I saw the flashing sign of Sweet Magic

Studios and I called. Kareena assured me that I would be fine and she was right.

I love my yoga class and I can not believe how much I have grown in my ability

to use my body in a capacity I have not down in years. It challenges me physically,

spiritual and I certainly feel much better about my body. Kareena is fantastic and

she is such an excellent instructor. I don't just learn yoga moves but how to get

the best from my body


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