" I had the pleasure of learning to Belly Dance
thanks to Sweet Magic Studio! In one fantastic hour,
Kareena enthusiastically taught 15 of my best girlfriends
to belly dance as part of a bachelorette party. She was
attentive to our strengths and quickly adjusted as we learned
more difficult combinations. I can't wait to do it again!
Thank you Kareena! "
Classic Egyptian Style Torso Isolations
Get more in touch with your core body.
Follow Kareena thru sensuous torso
isolations, undulations and shimmies.
A moderately paced workout to tone
the tummy and awaken the hips.

Next Sessions starting Sept. 13 and 15


Rhythmic Combinations
Review torso isolations and shimmies
and combine with graceful hand motion
and easy to follow footwork.
Low impact workout that lifts the spirits
and helps tone tummy and thighs.
No dance experience required.
Join anytime
12:30-1:30 pm

You can sign up for the introductory fee anytime
Money back guarantee if not satisfied with first class
OR JOIN CLASSES with following fees:
$15 single class / 4 class card $55 / 10 class card $125
15 class card $155 ( 15 class card valid 2 months )


Wear flowing feminine attire ...long soft skirts or long pants...halter tops or
leotards for the upper torso. NO SHORTS, MINI-SKIRTS OR BAGGY SWEATS.
Bring bright scarf or belt to wrap around hips. Barefoot or soft slippers.


Birthdays, Showers, Bachelorette parties
and other festive ocassions with Kareena

SWEET MAGIC VIDEOS Click here to view videos


Adam P.

Welcoming, intuitive, non-competitive, experienced and knowledgeable teacher. I'm loosening up beyond what I ever imagined, and it's helping me in other kinds of dance. Plus, I like the atmosphere. I walked in one cold, dark, December night after thinking about trying bellydance for about two years, and seven months later . . . much more confidence and better tone.

I have been attending Sunday Belly Dancing classes with Kareena for a year and three months. I love it. It is a bit of a drive for me every week but it is worth it. I have chronic back problems and Kareena works with me to attain correct posture. She believes taking care of the entire body. Strengthen my core helps me to control and weight and my stress level. Come by and watch and you will be hooked like I was.

Valerie Periera

As a Christmas gift and New Year's resolution, I decided
to enroll in the six-week beginners belly dancing
classes at Sweet Magic Studio on Saturdays. After
the first class on January 6, I was very impressed
and instantly captivated.

Kareena is a wonderful instructor who is highly
knowledgeable, caring, patient and enthusiastic
about teaching.

The classes are so much fun and are very addictive!
Even though I only had three sessions so far, I can't
wait for the next weekend and look forward to
going to the next class and learn something new.
Each class has been different and unique.

The classes are very affordable and have
convenient evening or weekend hours.
In fact after the six-week sessions are over, I am
thinking of getting the pass for 15 classes so I can
go on Saturdays and Sundays

I started to take belly dance lessons with Kareena a few months ago. I love the sensuality of belly dance. Kareena's style of teaching is very soothing and relaxing. Kareena makes you feel graceful, sexy and classy. I love Kareena's professionalism. You will very much enjoy taking classes with Kareena no matter if you are a beginner or advanced dancer. I absolutely recommend to come and try one of her classes.

Beth Hall
Sweet magic studio was exactly what it promises to be,
a place where your body immediately feels controlled
and poised, ready to move. Your mind becomes inspired
by an amazing woman who leads you through poses that
must begin from the inside in order to see the physical
movement on the outside. As a yoga instructor I found
belly dancing to be a much more spiritual and internal
exploration than I was assuming it would be, but my abs
killed me the next day, so either way I'm happy!
Thanks Kareena!

Maristela Zell
Every Wednesday night I head to the city for
the one of the most exciting activities of my busy
week: belly-dancing with Kareena!

Combining classic moves and modern choreography,
Kareena leads our aspiring group into sexy hip sways,
body shimmy, and veil swirls, all accompanied by spell-
binding music. The class is not only about seductive moves,
though. Kareena's routines include proper warm-ups and
movements that include the whole body.

She focuses on developing flexibility and strength.
Also, step-by-step instruction makes the
movements easy to follow, whether you are a
beginner or more advanced student.

Christine E. Kosmeja

When I finally gathered the courage to try belly dancing
I found Sweet Magic Studio.

While I may not always feel comfortable with the
skin I'm in,I have,thanks to Kareena's patience,
words of encouragement,and enthusiasm for dance
learned that I CAN move gracefully.

I CAN embrace the sensuosness of my physical self
and be more accepting of my curves.

I have also dropped in on her yoga classes and
always come out refreshed and feeling a little more
at peace with my physical self.

We should all have Kareena's zest for living
and moving through life as well as she does.
Kareena is a fantastic teacher.

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